10 Unexpected benefits of yoga on the body

Unexpected benefits of yoga on the body
Unexpected benefits of yoga on the body

If you had to choose one thing – just one – for yourself, I think yoga would be best. It would be the best investment you could make! I would not have made such a statement a few months ago. And if I needed pampering, something just for me, I would have chosen a day at the SPA, a shopping trip or a French manicure. Find Unexpected benefits of yoga on the body:

What can yoga do for us?

Many studies and research have confirmed that yoga is physically and mentally beneficial, but is it as good for us as other forms of exercise? The answer may surprise you. This is an unexpected benefit of yoga.

We have highlighted some research that helps us understand the benefits of yoga and why it may be a good idea to try. Yoga is an ancient practice that focuses on connecting the mind and body through physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques and meditation.

Considered a low-impact exercise, it is safe for almost anyone, especially when guided by an instructor who can correct alignment or change positions to keep you safe and comfortable.

There are many types of yoga. Some are more dynamic like ashtanga or vinyasa, while others are calmer and more meditative like yin yoga. The goal when you practice yoga is to challenge yourself physically (but not too much), while focusing on your breathing and calming your mind.

In fact, yoga helps you turn your attention inward, increasing your awareness of what is going on inside your body, and even increasing your self-esteem. This is why we see yoga becoming an integral part of treatment programs for eating disorders, addiction and more.

1. You will not lose weight, you will reach the optimal weight.

When you start doing yoga, you will notice that you start to lose a few pounds, slowly, until you reach the right weight for you. And then you will stagnate at that number of kilograms, even if you intensify your exercises. Because yoga helps your body discover what is right for you. Weight loss is just a consequence of the well-being and balance achieved through yoga.

2. You will accept yourself as you are.

Practicing yoga exercises will make you aware of your uniqueness as a human being, of what sets you apart from others, helps you see more clearly what you have to do, what is important to you. You will no longer care what the “world says”, what their opinions or rules do not resonate with. You become, over time, more responsible for the life you create for yourself. Acceptance is another consequence of regular yoga practice.

3. You learn to be patient

Each asana requires effort and time to do it correctly, just like anything else in your life. You will see results as you become more flexible, you breathe more deeply, as your heartbeat becomes calmer, you have fewer white hairs, fewer wrinkles and a more defined waist. You’ll drive slower and enjoy the music more.

4. You master self-control

You begin to have a disciplined lifestyle by introducing breathing exercises and asanas into every day of your life. It won’t be easy at first. Because you will look for all sorts of reasons to postpone the start of the exercises. You need discipline to turn dead time – in which you do nothing for yourself – into a ritual that will bring you balance. The mind is said to be the master of the body. Well, breathing is the master of the mind. Yoga teaches you to breathe, so you can control your mind. Health becomes another consequence.

5. You learn to BE

Try sitting for a minute in your yoga room without email, Facebook, WhatsApp or Candy Crush (or whatever is in vogue these days). Are you capable of? Can you just handle yourself and the sound of your breath? If you can’t, start practicing yoga right now. Another benefit is that you become aware of yourself, of your essence.

6. To be happy an unexpected benefit of yoga

Yoga stimulates the production of hormones responsible for your well-being and happiness. When you start practicing seriously, you will see that you will stay away from negative habits. Another benefit of yoga is a happy life.

7. Be a better person

With patience and a sense of inner balance, you will become a better wife, a parent, a brother, a manager, a better son. The moment you sit on the yoga mat, you will give up judgments or inhibitions. With each deep breath, you will change your perspective on relationships, priorities, and the world. You will become more humble, more grateful, happier! In the end, the ultimate benefit is a fulfilled life!

8. Yoga helps you get rid of insomnia

Did you know that over 80% of people live under stress and have sleep disorders?

Quality of life, energy, work efficiency or cognitive, physical and even sexual performance are affected by lack of sleep.

The brain cannot effectively eliminate the waste produced by nerve cells, the organs cannot regenerate, the mind is unclear, the decisions we make are often wrong if we are tired. And everything comes from the lack of enough sleep (7-9 hours a night).

In addition, insufficient sleep leads to weight gain. When you don’t get enough sleep, you often crave unhealthy foods. And it’s not a coincidence. There are several reasons why fatigue urges you to eat more and choose fatty foods, which promotes weight gain.

There are some special techniques for relaxation, guided meditations and breathing practices and among them are the techniques of relaxation, breathing, stretching or Yin Yoga, but also Yoga Nidra or Yoga of Conscious Sleep.

Simple and easy techniques that I learned in the course “Forget about insomnia and stress”, the place where you can design your own step by step practice program adapted to your current needs, so that you have a good, quality sleep and you enjoy health.

9. Relieves migraines

Migraines are severe headaches that affect thousands of Romanians each year.

Migraines are traditionally treated with medications to relieve and manage symptoms. However, growing evidence suggests that yoga may be a useful adjunctive therapy to help reduce the frequency of migraines.

Researchers suggest that practicing yoga may help stimulate the vagus nerve, which has been shown to be effective in relieving migraines.

10. It lowers blood sugar

Yoga is considered a promising and cost-effective option in the treatment and prevention of diabetes, with several studies suggesting that yoga and other mind-body therapies have a positive effect on blood sugar control.

Controlling mental stress (stress management) is one of the keys to diabetes treatment. When we are stressed, our blood sugar levels rise, and our blood sugar levels increase our chances of serious complications, such as heart disease.

Using breathing techniques, meditation and body yoga postures, yoga and other mindfulness-based programs train participants to induce relaxation. This condition helps regulate cortisol and other stress hormones, which increase blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

Yoga is not medically approved as a form of treatment, so consult your doctor before starting yoga sessions / classes for diabetics.

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