The best Yoga poses for two people

The best Yoga poses for two people

Practicing Yoga poses for two people can be a lot of fun! You spend time together, learn something new and do something good for your body at the same time.

What yoga equipment do I need for two people?

1. The yoga mat

The great thing about yoga is that you can really do it anywhere. Theoretically, you can simply do your workout on the living room carpet at home or make yourself comfortable on the lawn in the garden. A special yoga mat provides more support and body protection.

2. The yoga outfit

The good news first: You don’t need any special clothing for your yoga workout. If you exercise every now and then, you probably already have everything you need in your closet. Since yoga is about fully engaging in the practice, pinching pants or a t-shirt that has slipped should be the last thing on your mind make thoughts.

3. The yoga brick

The yoga block may look a bit like a brick, but it’s actually there to make you more comfortable. In the beginning, a yoga block can help you perform exercises more correctly or hold them over a longer period of time.

Which yoga exercises can you do for two?

1. The boat for two.

In the “boat” exercise, the two partners sit opposite each other and hold hands and then both of you raise your legs, place your feet on top of each other and slowly straighten your legs up, creating a crossed-out “W” when viewed from the side. The feet are lightly pressed against each other. This position is held for some time.

2. The reflection

You sit facing each other with your knees slightly bent and the soles of the feet touch.
Shake hands and feel the energies being transmitted through the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands.
Slowly and steadily move your legs up while holding your hands, but hold the tension for a moment and come back to the starting position.
Repeat the exercise.

3. Seated stretching exercise

Anyone who often does back yoga knows the many variants of a sitting rotation exercise. And you can also do it in pairs – and thus intensify the stretching. To do this, sit cross-legged opposite each other.

Then everyone puts their left arm behind their back and grasps their partner’s outstretched right hand with their left hand. The body thus rotates to the left. After some time, the sides are changed.

4. Acro yoga poses for two people

The term Acro Yoga refers to exercises that combine acrobatics and yoga. Usually one of the partners is lifted into the air. One is always the “base”, i.e. the supporting person on the ground, and the other is the “flyer”, who is in the air.

Ideally, there is a third partner on site who observes, criticizes and intervenes if something is done wrong or needs support. Acro Yoga can only work with a partner.

The most famous pose is reminiscent of “Dirty Dancing”. One partner lies on their back on the floor and stretches their legs up. The other lies down on the other’s feet with the front of the pelvic bones and then, with the support of the arms, lets the other lift them up until a scale is formed. A lot of balance is needed here. If you want to make the exercise easier, grab yourself with your hands.

5. The aviator yoga poses for two people

One of you is lying on your back on the floor. The legs are bent.
The other stands relaxed in front of it and leans his pelvis against the feet of the one lying on the floor.
You grasp your hands for more stability.
The “upper” keeps falling forward.
The “lower” supports the pelvis of the “upper” until the “upper” slowly lifts off the floor.
The “bottom” slowly stretches its legs until the “top” flies

6. Turn up in the lotus position

You sit in the lotus position facing each other so that your knees touch each other.
Your hands are relaxed in your lap.
Now bring your right arm behind your back. Your partner does the same.
Turn slightly to the right.
Extend your left arm forward, past your partner’s left body.
Grasp your partner’s outstretched hand behind your back.
Close your eyes and lean back slightly.
Enjoy the stance for a few seconds.
Then you release them and do the exercise to the other side (left hand behind your back, open to the left).

Can 2 people do yoga poses?

Yes. Yoga poses for two people, in which the classic asanas are practiced with a friend – a great shared experience for mind and soul, practice with a partner.

It can deepen partnership, build respect and trust while promoting fitness with the best exercises. It looks stylish, keeps the relationship and body vital and fit and is fun for both.

Are yoga poses for two person easy?

Yoga is a pretty solitary activity in general. Sure we meet in group classes and may have friends we know through yoga, but usually your practice is seen as personal and private. Thou shalt not look at other people during class; you shouldn’t talk. Yoga is what happens on your mat. If it’s not on the mat, it’s not yoga… right?

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